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Northamptonsire 2013


Having previously collaborated with Graham Keddie and his group of A.P.T ( A Place in Time) by doing a curatorial workshop in the university gallery; another opportunity has risen for cooperation. 

Graham Keddie – ARBS, founding member and committee chair curated a collaborative exhibition with the name “One Hour”.  We as artist were told to produce a starting point by spending one hour in a specific location and make new work in response to this. Being part of the art group, A Place in Time the notions relating to place and time is a central focus. Artists we had a certain limitation selecting their “one hour” according to the 24-hour clock, so that the hours, minutes and seconds, mirrored the date in the format of DD/MM/YY. Yet the selection of location and actual practise is an endless boundary to break.

The whole project had a strong collaboration between all the artists in comparison to the actual days of the exhibition was running. It was inspiring to see the range of locations the artists had thought of in placing their work, such as home, an independent record store and a lake all came under the creative scrutiny of the exhibiting artists. As a group we met up twice, exchanging ideas for potentials in works as well as questioning the presents and message conveyed. 

Link to more details about this exhibition:


Northampton Gas Tower.

Dismanteled 2014


My choice of location was based on the gas tower, in Northampton. The metallic structure inspired me to explore its importance as a function, most importantly its relevance to time around its surroundings. After spending some time in drawing sketches, creating an animation of images, I decided that a site specific video would sum up all my questions of measurement. 


By the final week of our collaboration I went into the area were we were to exhibit to choose the place I wish to set up my work. As my work was video based I imagined placing my projector pointing into a space rather than on a space. Hence the staircase proved to be the required location. I conclude my reasearch through using this video. 






Title: 13-06-2012/ 13-38-2012

In order for man to communicate logically the practise of mathematical solutions needs to be experienced. The understanding of addition, subtraction, multiplication and 

division unite numbers into forms. In interpreting this form we surround ourselves within a divers structural elements. Each competing against each other. Human power to manipulate these elements has turned endless. Breaking boundaries while rebuilding others.

Sculptor VS buildings VS structures. Is time the element in which we distinguish these structural surroundings? If so, how important is their use with in our time? Time may seem to be the reflection of accomplishments however, how much time we give to a form can determine its importance. Cultural and social behaviour blends within a space allowing importance to the purpose of the formal structures we see in our surroundings. The inevitability of time matches with the inevitability of space. When space eventually runs out there will be no purpose of construction. 

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