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Under Construction

Test Space 

Spike Island

3rd -18th of September 2016

A coloration of artists discovered in the Volunteering group of Spike Island art gallery. 

Under Construction was an exploration of how artists, at all stages of their careers, construct their own identity through their artistic practices. How do the ways in which we construct ideas, objects, space, identity, ourselves – both as artists and as people – manifest themselves across different backgrounds and generations?

The use of objects and possessions and their potential to be something more: for example objects and artworks as vessels to discuss subjects such as migration and gender; or objects that invite other modes of self expression, were all explored by the artists. Our relationship with technology played a significant part: production, printing and photography techniques – new and old – and audio and video recorded, manipulated, presented and re-presented. This was also a vehicle for conceptual exploration: the effect and relationship between mass-production and us; how screens are fragmenting and yet increasingly becoming an intrinsic part of every day life; how technology is letting us down in terms of sustainability; and the ways in which technology can be used to discover more about ourselves.

Nineteen people from many different nationalities were involved in Under Construction – Fine Artists, Photographers, Print Makers, Graphic Designers, Sociologist and Performers – of which thirteen showed physical work.

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