The Unite

Artist Residency


Under Exchange

“To make an exchange; engage in bartering, replacing, or substituting one thing for another.”  

Starting on the 10th of October me and five other volunteers from Spike Island took over an empty shop in the arcade.

Yet again as artists we embraced the uncertainty of what is and what will become, finding ourselves in constant exchange.

Exchanging ideas, thoughts and emotions was a dominate input not only within our work but throughout the use of the space. The space was never the same from day to day. Objects would be created, reformed and then transformed or even reformed.


Being situated in the centre of town gave us that interactive platform that we as emerging, energetic artist required as a justification to our artistic group to the general public. From being a good group of friends meeting at spike Island to exhibiting at The Unit has strengthened our collaboration into something  that we all wish to progress into.

Having our work grow in progress whilst open to the public has given me and others a learning experience in interacting and speaking about our art to the general public. Some would come to exchange their thoughts while other would exchange experiences.  Each character would be attracted to each piece of work differently.

Needless to say I have enjoyed my time at The Unit, the company of the other artists has given me a motivational step to my art. Each artist gaining more than expected out of it. Occupying a shop floor has had its differences then a gallery floor.  As my work is mainly installation based the space often challenged me with perspective and composition. I found that I could not start with a set plan as the space would transform the work on its own.

The last three days of this space will be a conclusion of our time and a presentation of exchange for us to let our work speak to the general public.

More pictures can be found on the facebook album: