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In between space

          Collaborative Exhibition

                    Flavia Terzian | Adrian Penu

Adrian Penu and Flavia Terzian can be described as visual philosophers, decomposing their understanding of form and figure with a focus on abstract realism. The collaborative exhibition, In between space, at Art Number 23 gallery features both artists’ recent series of work, portrayed through two and three dimensional mediums.


Adrian Penu (b. 1987) is a painter working in London. His figurative artworks examine the human body in different situations, placing it in abstract surroundings that reverberate the emotional tension. Movement is indicated through directional brushstrokes and loose edges whilst depth is given by applying sharp contrast around the central focal point of the painting, which fades towards the periphery, leading the viewer’s eye on a gaze trace.

The paint is applied in several layers – building up the values and tonality in stages and working from dark to light, give the paintings a technical narrative, a story of the evolution of the artworks.


Flavia Terzian’s (b.1991) work on the other hand deconstructs the value of space. A London based multi medium artist, uses a set of self designed geometric systems and templates to deconstruct and reconstruct the identity of the geometric shape. Known for Flavia’s recyclable sculptural work, her new series of work takes her instigations through two dimensional spaces with her chalk drawings to the physical world.

In observing the construction of polygonal shapes such as the Platonic solids and the Golden Ratio Flavia portrays the significance that sacred geometry plays in natural and artificial constructions. The word Geometry, deriving from Greek words measurement of earth, is the inspiration in creating minimal, conceptual ideas which expand into sculptor and two dimensional chalk drawings.


In between space marks Penu’s exploration of hues in relation to figurative form and Flavia Terzian’s representation of form by using defiant colour. What both artists bring to the exhibition space are recurring questions defining space. Adrian explores the universality of banal objects (boxing gloves, scissors and dental instruments) by transcending them from everyday items to subjects of contemplation whilst Flavia constructs ordinary shapes by using a repetitive process to express a mathematical visual perception of space.

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