Collaborative exhibition


Stocks Croft


Where is home?/what is (a) home?

Home, simply is not only the answer to the questions ‘where are you from?’, ‘Where were you born?’, ‘Where were you raised?’.

Often, it’s only when we leave home we truly feel what home is, our old eyes see new perspectives, and in turn, our new perspectives see old things, old places, and old homes, in a new light.

Where you come from may be less important than where you are going, and that finding, creating, choosing, or achieving home, could be seen as a work in progress…

What does ‘home’ mean to YOU?

Homeworks was an exhibition exploring the notions of ‘home’ through the lenses of 6 artists from 5 different countries. The Exhibit was held in a house on Stocks Croft. Using the architecture of the house as a curatorial tool.