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Open Exhibition


NN Gallery 

Joined 5s


Blackboard paint on wood

1.5m X 1m X 1.2m

Back right sculpture 


This exhibition gave me a collaboration between both professional and practising artists. A other event run at the NN  was the “Meet the artists” 26 January 2014. Fifteen artists made it to the meeting, allowing conversation and opinions on the multimedia work that was present. The presentation of my work, worked within the space given; positioned to the left of the room, mid corner. This was refreshing to see, “joined 5s” simplistic attraction. The lighting of the gallery allowed this to be emphasised. Observing the shadows the lines of the pentagon’s create almost represent its proses of its creation. Referring to the photograph of my studio floor I mentioned earlier. Ideally my next task is to create a bigger degree of interaction. Observing the same shapes in direct measurements to the rooms scale. Expecting the viewer to automatically interact with the sculptor as they walk through.

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