Remain- Dismantel- Replace

Exhibition- March 2013

University of Northampton Gallery  


"Art intervention:

A 10.95 meter white string from one corner of the room to a plinth.

Intervening in a space with the idea of measurement.

In observing the art of Mel Bochner and Sol Witt I bring the theory of the metaphysical energy within shapes. In this case this sting is the connection from one wall in between another bit of wall.

The measurement of the sting defines in approximation of what the space is in a literal sense however the metaphorical still remains to be researched.

Measurement is the tool for construction of form but yet holds the absences of its presents.

Flavia Terzian "

A continuation to the first exhibition that took place at The University of Northampton gallery,‘A place and time’ known at A.P.T, were by the members of the collaborative group produce an ever changing interactive gallery space at The University of Northampton Art gallery.  

A.P.T memebers ethic of exhibiting revolves around the idea of projecting on going research based on time and space. Alternative placing art work as objects, the exhibition elaborated its ideas through, actions, written language, discussions and audio.

This second part of the exhibition "Remain Dismantel Replace" started off by dismantling the art work seen and substituting it with a piece of text indicating the work to where it started and where it will might go. Followed by a second part were me and my fellow artists took the text and replaced it with one object of the artists choice accompanied with our own piece of text (mine is seen above images) to why and what the piece has been chosen in relation the time and space the artists were in. 

After a productive discussion the project was left for the open minded, with one limit; in- between. Leaving the public to interact with the existing work and the venue space through replacing an object, with another piece of art work accompanied by some writing expressing its explorative sense.